Journal of Medical Ethics

Opposed by:

- Doctors

- Nurses

- Disability and Patient

Rights Organizations.

Organ donation after medical assistance in dying or cessation of life-sustaining treatment requested by conscious patients: the Canadian context

No Provision


Family be Notified

Nothing to Protect Patients

When there are Pressures,

Whether Financial or Emotional

Wisconsin Coalition Against Assisted Suicide


Wisconsin Coalition Against Assisted Suicide is a coalition of disability rights, healthcare, civil rights, faith-based and patient advocacy organizations dedicated to preventing legalization of doctor-prescribed suicide in Wisconsin.

  • Nearly a year after the District enacted a law allowing terminally ill patients to end their lives — over the objections of congressional Republicans, religious groups and advocates for those with disabilities — not a single patient has used it. And just two of the......

  • This map shows the status of laws prohibiting or permitting assisted suicide, including physician-assisted suicide (PAS) in the United States. Last updated: April 6, 2018. By the Charlotte Lozier Institute, April 6, 2018. To view as a PDF, see: Assisted Suicide in the States   ————- Source:......

  • Hawaii just made the mistake of becoming the eighth jurisdiction in the United States to allow assisted suicide. We can learn a lot about the folly of this path if we look to other places both here and abroad where assisted suicide is already legal.......

  • The United States assisted suicide movement claims that it wants only a limited “reform” of law and medical ethics, restricting what it euphemistically calls “aid in dying” to competent adults with terminal illnesses for whom nothing else can be done to alleviate their suffering. But......