Opposed by:

- Doctors

- Nurses

- Disability and Patient

Rights Organizations.

No Provision


Family be Notified

Nothing to Protect Patients

When there are Pressures,

Whether Financial or Emotional

Wisconsin Coalition Against Assisted Suicide


Wisconsin Coalition Against Assisted Suicide is a coalition of disability rights, healthcare, civil rights, faith-based and patient advocacy organizations dedicated to preventing legalization of doctor-prescribed suicide in Wisconsin.

  • Canadian Pediatricians consider extending euthanasia to newborns, minors and teens.

    For countries, such as Australia, that are debating the legalization of euthanasia, they need to realize that once Canada legalized “assisted death” that tremendous pressure now exists to expand the scope of the law. By Alex Schadenberg, Executive Director, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition Kathryn Blaze Baum wrote an......

  • Legalizing assisted suicide has stalled at every level

    Three years ago, Brittany Maynard’s viral video launched the issue of medically assisted suicide into the national spotlight. But while advocates have notched a few wins since then, they’ve also run up against some strong, bipartisan resistance. By Paige Winfield Cunningham – The Washington Post......

  • JJ Hanson Appears on Fox News Channel

    Marine Corps veteran: I’m thankful I wasn’t offered assisted suicide when I was told I was dying three years ago

    I’m thankful I don’t live in a state like Oregon, where assisted suicide is legal. When I was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer and told I would probably be dead in four months, I went in an instant from living the American Dream with my......

  • Assisted Suicide Loses Momentum in 2017

    Assisted Suicide Loses Momentum in 2017

      Alaska: HB 54 – held in committee without action; Arizona: HB 2336 – died in committee; Connecticut: H.B. No. 6024, HB 6238 – died in committee; Delaware: HB 160 – passed in committee, not scheduled for a House vote; Hawaii: SB 1129 — passed......