Opposed by:

- Doctors

- Nurses

- Disability and Patient

Rights Organizations.

No Provision


Family be Notified

Nothing to Protect Patients

When there are Pressures,

Whether Financial or Emotional

Wisconsin Coalition Against Assisted Suicide


Wisconsin Coalition Against Assisted Suicide is a coalition of disability rights, healthcare, civil rights, faith-based and patient advocacy organizations dedicated to preventing legalization of doctor-prescribed suicide in Wisconsin.

  • I Want My Doctors to Help Me Live, Not Die

    Patients Rights Action Fund | I Want My Doctors to Help Me Live, Not Die Published by the Wall Street Journal on July 6th, 2017 By J.J. Hanson Aggressive brain cancer is trying to end my life. The best doctors in the world are racing......

  • New York State lawmakers signal they will not act on physician assisted suicide bill in 2017

    ALBANY – Legislation that would legalize physician assisted suicide in New York is unlikely to be taken up by state lawmakers in 2017, legislative leaders indicated Tuesday. Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan (R-Suffolk County) said he did not support the measure and “can’t fathom a......

  • Mentally Ill Woman Euthanized in Canada

    I did a radio interview yesterday warning that I expected Canada to, one day, allow euthanasia as a “treatment” for serious mental illness. Today, I find out it already happened. A court apparently allowed a mentally ill woman to be euthanized. by WESLEY J. SMITH......

  • Murder by euthanasia: a warning from the Netherlands

    Murder by euthanasia: a warning from the Netherlands

      Once you create a situation at law where killing of another person is allowed in certain circumstances, not only will the circumstances in which such killing is endorsed or allowed change over time, but the boundaries, however originally drawn, will be entirely ineffective in......